Become A Kingdom Builder
Partner with Promotion Church and become a Kingdom Builders
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Become A Kingdom Builder

Partnership With God Is A Security For Your Future

What is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders are the Promotion Church partners that provide facilities that enable social impact in the church.


Kingdom Builders is an important aspect of our church. It is an opportunity for everyone who calls Promotion Church home to invest in the current & future building projects of our church, as well as contributing to our social justice initiatives.


If you believe that God has given you the ability to generate wealth in your own life but believe there is a greater purpose connected to that wealth, we invite you to consider becoming a part of our community of Kingdom Builders.


Future & Ongoing Projects

What Kingdom Builders Contributes Towards

Land For Our Family Hub Project

Promotion Church Family Hub

Mobil Stage Music Evangelism Project

Social Justice Initiatives

In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well…


If it is giving, give generously.

Romans 12 : 4-8 (NLT)


Our Commitment to You:

* Pray daily for God’s blessings to be upon you


*Study the Word and diligently seek God on your behalf


*Minister to you monthly in a personal letter


*Furnish an official Kingdom Builders Kit


*Periodically offer special gifts for your spiritual edification and growth



Your Commitment:


*Always pray for Promotion Church


*Be committed to support Promotion Church Projects and Conferences


*Support Promotion Church financially with your monthly pledge


*Consistently lift up the Promotion Church, Pastor Emeka, and his family with positive confessions



Ways to Give

Promotion Church Give App

Download the Promotion Church Give App for iPhone or Android. Select the initiative you’d like to give toward.

Weekend Services

At each of our services, you’ll find a Giving Envelope under your seat.

Standing Order

Set up a standing order with your bank using the account details provided and your Giving ID as the transaction reference.

Text SMS Giving

Simply text the word TITHE or OFFERING to ******** followed by the amount you wish to give. For example, “TITHE 2,000,000”


Give online in less than a minute using your mobile number or email to give securely.

Gift Plan

You can make a difference and leave a legacy for the generations to come.

Promotion Church Give App

One of the easiest ways to give is through the Promotion Church Give App.

Find out more or download now.

If you’d like Step by Step instructions on how to use the app, follow our handy guide here.

Bank Transfer,  Standing Order & Cheques

If you would like to set up a Standing Order with your bank, log on to your internet banking account and use the account details below. 

Banking Details
Account Name: Promotion Gospel Church
Account Number: 1014577762
Bank Name: Zenith Bank


If you have any queries with regards to your giving,  please call +234 803 305 8605 to

speak to our Accounts staff, or email

Text SMS Giving

You can give via SMS / Text.

You’ll need a mobile phone with internet access simply text to ***** with the word ‘Mypromotion’ followed by the amount you wish to give, e.g. Mypromotion 250,000.


There’s a simple one-time set up process to register your card, which takes just a couple of minutes. Follow the prompts in the reply text to complete the registration process and give. Your giving will be deducted from your payment card, not from your mobile phone bill.


If you’d like Step by Step instructions on using SMS Text Giving, you can follow our handy guide here.

Gift Plan

You can make a difference and leave a legacy for the generations to come.


If God has laid in your heart and you would like to sow into the ministry to proclaim the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ to future generations, we’d love to share with you about our free charitable estate and gift planning services.


There are some effective planning options available to help you leave a legacy for the generations to come.


If you would like some information about estate planning or gift planning options, simply click the button below. Our team of experienced advisors is also available to help you.


Get Involved In Kingdom Building

    The information you provide will be used strictly for contacting you in accordance with your request. All information held by us is in accordance with the Promotion Church Privacy Policy which can be found at