Our Code
PCode Is The Set Of 12 Values That Keeps The Vision Clear At Promotion Church
PCode, The Set Of 12 Values At Promotion Church, PCode, Promotion Church values
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Our Code

In Him We Live, Move And Have Our Being

The PCode

This are the twelve values that keep the vision of Promotion Church clear.

We believe having values help us develop a unified sense of commitment as a church.

As this ministry continues to grow, these values may evolve based on our experiences, successes, and failures. We believe they may be useful for some individuals, churches or businesses. They are the values that make Promotion Church exceptional.

These values reflect our priority to reach people with the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

  1. God is our source and sustainer         It’s about: Dependency On Our God 


  1. We believe big and start small           It’s about: Active Faith


  1. We love one another to glorify God        It’s about: Valuing People


  1. We are contributors, not consumers        It’s about: Taking Effective Action


  1. We think inside the box        It’s about: Creative Innovation


  1. We can do more by doing less       It’s about: Focused Excellence


  1. We don’t maintain, we multiply         It’s about: Ongoing Growth


  1. We eat the fish and leave the bones        It’s about: Teachable Attitudes


  1. We want to be known for why we exist         It’s about: Promoting Our Vision


  1. We will not take things for granted         It’s about: Expressing Gratitude


11. We seek the new but keep the best of the old         It’s about: Continuity In Our Evolution


12.  We take responsibility, not excuses      It’s about: Accepting to overcome challenges