Branding Yourself. (PART1)
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Branding Yourself. (PART1)

Branding Yourself. (PART1)



What is your name?

This morning, my question is: how do you introduce yourself???

How do you tell people your name?

Name is very important. The first task is to understand the meaning of your name and personify it. Your name is your identity, it tells all about you, in fact, its your number one brand. When you meet anybody for the first time, one very important thing they want to find out about you is your name.

That may be the only thing they will ever know or go with. I think you should call it with all seriousness, smile and in a manner that will leave an impression about you. Let people remember you for your name, the way you call it and the meaning of it.

When God wants to change people’s lives in the Bible, He changes their names. Example is how God changed Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, etc. Do you know why? Because your name is your identity. Let your name speak volume of your personality. Don’t just rush it as if its not important or something they shouldn’t worry about.

Say it like you mean it! Let it be loud enough for your audience to hear, let it be bold enough for people to repeat it after you. Say it in full, tell people the meaning. You’re your identity! You’re not what people call you, you’re what God says you’re!

You will succeed!

Leke Oyeniran Esq

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