Branding Yourself. (PART2)
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Branding Yourself. (PART2)

Branding Yourself. (PART2)



What do you see?

This morning, I have a very important question for you; WHEN YOU LOOK DEEP WITHIN YOURSELF, WHAT DO YOU SEE? You’re the chief Architect of your life, a direct product of your thoughts and decisions. Even God with all his enduring love for us does not force His thought and wishes on anyone, He gives chance for our will and thought to lead us through.

So, my good friend, the quality of your life can never be greater than the quality of your mind. You’ve got to develop a good self-image, aspirations, imaginations and wishes for your life.

So, sit down and see yourself as that successful family man, great entrepreneur, philanthropist, business woman, etc. If you can work on your mind to conceive that vision, I think you’re 50% close to it. I understand that some people are just victims of coincidence, but a whole lot of successful people today started from their minds, then jumped to little beginnings until they got to where they are today.

It costs nothing to work on your mind. One of my favorite quotes is a brand identity of Toyota that says “good thinking gives good product” Look within yourself, what do you see? Do you see a successful businessman? Do you see a Billionaire? Do you see that great Evangelist in yourself. The fact is that, when you cannot see it within yourself, you might not be able to might it and it may never materialize.

You will succeed!

Just conceive it!

Leke Oyeniran Esq

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