Branding Yourself. (PART3)
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Branding Yourself. (PART3)

Branding Yourself. (PART3)



What your smile can do!!!

I have never worked as a customer care representative but I have worked closely with some guys that do, particularly customer care call center. One of the essential characteristics of their work is that, they must smile whenever they are talking to Customers on phone.

Definitely, the client won’t see their faces to affirm that they’re smiling or not. But, whenever they are smiling and attending to Customers, that smile has a way of coming through their words and influence Customers to patronize their service.

So, whenever you’re smiling, nobody may see it but the truth is that your smile is winning battles for you.

Your smile wins you more friends, your smile is important to your business, it is important to your career, your smile tells more about your competency, it is your identity, your smile speaks of your brand, it builds your confidence, it makes you happy.

Would you rather smile?

Leke Oyeniran Esq

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